Easter baking – because there’s more to life than eggs

The Easter weekend means there’s more time to do the things you love. No, not sleeping – I have two children. The best thing I do to relax is to get all my baking ingredients out and create something wonderful in the kitchen. There’s something comforting having the house smell of freshly cooked goodies and it’s always rewarding to sit back in the evening with a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

I am so British!

So this Easter I made a chocolate cake and decorated with mini eggs and strawberries. The mini eggs because it’s Easter and I’m bored of Easter eggs and the strawberries just because chocolate and strawberry is the best combination of food in the world.

The filling was a chocolate buttercream and I put a pink bow around the middle to finish it off.


I’m not the best baker in the world as you can see it’s a bit wonky and the finish isn’t michelin star quality, but I really enjoyed it and the best thing is, it tasted amazing. The whole family tucked in and said it’s the best Easter cake they’ve ever had (to be fair it’s the only Easter cake I think they’ve had) and I think I’ll be baking a lot more now as the sense of achievement I got from this was all worth it!

Thanks to http://www.twolittlefleas.co.uk/ for inspiring me to create this cake and many other bakes in the future!


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