The weird and wonderful locations for a good sleep

Since having my daughter, sleep is a distant memory. I used to only be able to get to sleep in my own bed, nowhere else. These days I could sleep anywhere, all I’d have to do is shut my eyes and I’d be out like a light.

When I was little, I used to enjoy hiding around our lovely big family home in Gloucestershire. Amongst the trees at the bottom of the garden in a make shift tent, under the dining table (which was hardly ever used so no one really disturbed me there!) In the big cupboard in the utility room..(the whirring of the washing machine was just too soothing to resist!) and the irresistible cupboard under the stairs. I used to take snacks and games in there with my Dad’s torch and have a great little time on my own in that cupboard! I have no idea why I enjoyed this so much, I think I was just tired out from my adventures and it was all part of the fun! I often wonder how long my parents spent trying to find me. When I think of what I got up to as a child, compared to how my teenage son spends his time on his computer and his phone all the time. It’s a shame today’s children won’t have those kind of memories. I do try to get him to join in with the world, but there’s just zero interest there and he wants to talk to his friends online instead….

As I grew older I’m glad to say my habit of sleeping in strange places went away. I now sleep in my own bed and nowhere else (ok, sometimes the sofa if my husband snores too loud!)

Ideally, the perfect place for me to have a quiet uninterrupted sleep or ‘the sleep of my dreams’ would be in a hammock, in the Caribbean overlooking a beautiful white sand beach with crystal blue sea. As my children would be a bit lost with me in a hammock, I’d take with me the gorgeous wooden bed I’ve spotted on the Wren living website. I haven’t thought about the technicalities of getting it on the plane – it’s all make believe so we’d probably just teleport there with the bed and stay there forever.

Head over to the LittleStuff website on for more sleep stories and a chance to win £300 to spend at – if I won I’d be buying a gorgeous new bed! The wooden bed I’ve chosen would perfectly suit the ‘Scandinavian ski lodge’ theme I’ve gone for, with rich reds and tartan fabric. So cosy in the winter especially!

Good luck with the competition! As for me, this is my entry in to the #SleepHappy competition over on Littlestuff 🙂




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