My #PILOTMUM, art from my 4 year old!

I love children’s artwork. Sometimes it’s painfully truthful, sometimes it’s downright odd. I love how children draw stick legs coming directly from an abnormally large rugby ball shaped head!

This is me!
This is me!

This is my daughter’s interpretation of me. Surrounded by an ornamental gilt frame (very glamorous) I have pink string like hair, Picasso inspired eyes and an unfortunate green splodge near my mouth. The most important thing is that I’m smiling and look a lot more thin that I do in real life. I must be on my way to a party (note the triangular party hat) which is rare as I haven’t been to a party for years and years.

Joking aside, I think it’s so lovely how children express themselves through art, it’s fantastic for building their imagination and cognitive skills. I keep every little piece of artwork she’s done and will for years to come.



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